The Hylas Yacht Collection was developed for buyers and sellers of these world recognized cruising yachts.  Buyers can feel confident when purchasing a Hylas Yacht Collection member boat.  These vessels have undergone professional inspection and have complete and independent surveys, which are available to serious buyers.  Each Hylas in the collection is in top condition for her age, price point and past usage.  Those interested in viewing the best brokerage yachts built by this exceptional builder can use the yachts pesented in The Hylas Yacht Collection as a benchmark.
Sellers considering a yacht brokerage should rely on the Las Olas Yacht Group to position their boat for maximum exposure.  Collection yachts receive the most complete and well-defined listing system ever developed for a brand.  Brokers work with owners on marketing and listing details.  Every yacht is considered an individual and treated as unique.  Las Olas Yacht Group presents each boat to qualified buyers who have expressed interest in high quality cruising yachts.
The Hylas Yacht Collection is the only collection of Hylas Yachts ever assembled in which member yachts follow guidelines to prepare their boats for sale and each vessel must meet criteria to become members.  Las Olas Yacht Group provides each vessel with unique marketing and guides owners in presentation of their yachts.  These well-founded yachts have never received such complete representation.  The collection features the highest quality Hylas Yachts available.


Hylas has been helping clients build semi-custom sailing yachts for over twenty years. Each vessel is distinct and features the original owners personal touch. Few builders in the world today allow owners the freedom to customize the interior or develop upgrades of their own liking. Anything from the type of rig, choice of sole material, to which generator is preferred, are options Hylas is willing to let owners decide upon. 

Hylas yachts are offered in five different sizes and range greatly in price. The myriad of options from hull choice to the color of canvas is unsurpassed by other comparable builders. Each buyer has a perfect boat in their mind and with proper guidance, that boat can become a reality. Today’s model choices include the tried and tested Hylas 49, which is the only Sparkman and Stephens hull design that Hylas builds. The Hylas 46 is a two cabin vessel that Hylas currently builds and like the rest of her sisters is designed by the world renowned German Frers. At the upper end of the line are the new 56, 63 and 70. These vessels have been introduced over the past few years with the 63 debuting at the 2013 Newport Boat Show.  This vessel is surely the best in her class and will turn heads wherever she goes.  The Hylas 56 is a modernized version of the model it replaced, the always-popular Hylas 54.

Queen Long Marine Ltd is the exclusive builder of Hylas Yachts. This yard has been building Hylas Yachts in Taiwan since the early 80’s and continues to build high quality, individualized vessels.

Las Olas Yacht Group works closely with Hylas to position brokerage Hylas yachts for sale. This relationship gives owners of Hylas Yachts a reliable company to sell their vessels. Each broker that works with the Hylas Yacht Collection has intimate knowledge of each Hylas model and can assist sellers or new buyers with ease. Las Olas Yacht Group and Hylas work to give owners a seamless transition from the buying to selling process.

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