Every Hylas is built to be strong and each is sea worthy. However to create a unique and special boat the original owner must be involved and must have exceptional foresight or great experience. Duet of Cowes was planned and executed by the most experienced person to build a Hylas for himself. The owners had the foresight to create a timeless yacht, which would not match the trend of the year she was built. Relying on experience gained while sailing and building other Hylas yachts enabled the owners to create one of the best Hylas 54’s built at the time. People considering yachts in this class owe it to themselves to see Duet of Cowes.

Duet of Cowes location is perfect for a couple interested in cruising the Northern latitudes, trips to the Mediterranean or North America. While distance sailing is certainly not a task too large for this yacht, she is also easy to take for an evening sail or a weekend cruise. Managed easily by a couple but comfortable enough for six, Duet of Cowes gives owners the opportunity to enjoy the many facets of sailing.


54 ft 1 in

15 ft 9 in

7 ft 8 in

48,200 lbs




Duet of Cowes’ white hull is set off by her dark cove and boot stripes. This eye catching Hylas 54 is a second generation, raised salon version. The large salon windows are distinct but carry her lines well as one would expect of a Frers design. The center cockpit is an ideal choice for sailors who want great visibility and the interior arrangement created by this design.

While strength of build is one of the biggest factors that determine a sailboat’s capability, the usability of the design is equally important. A hand laid hull that incorporates Twaron creates an extremely strong vessel. Duet of Cowes’ owners appreciated this quality and enhanced the functionality of the sailing systems to their preferences. An in mast furling main coupled with large winches for the headsails make sailing Duet of Cowes a pleasure. The Hylas 54 has distinguished herself as not only an attractive yacht but also one that will keep her owners safe.


Evident throughout Duet of Cowes is the experience of her owners. Everything in this three-cabin vessel is placed as one would expect, for sailing and for enjoying the vessel while at anchor or dockside. There is a reason the owners chose the cabinetry that they did and a reason for the cabin layout. Purchasing a boat from such experienced owners provides her new owners intangibles that can only be created through experience. Duet of Cowes is a sailboat that not only offers everything one could want in a boat of this size but also the knowledge that she was setup with careful consideration of each compartment.