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The Hylas Yacht Collection is the premier marketplace for buyers interested in quality Hylas Yachts for sale. Every Hylas that is in the collection and for sale has complete specifications and photographs for review. All boats that are listed as full members, have independent surveys completed prior to listing. These are available by request and offer a level of transparency that is rarely seen. With this tool and the complete websites, buyers can make educated decisions regarding the best Hylas yacht for their needs.

Buyers often have a specific model, age and price range they are considering when they begin their search. Viewing multiple boats assists buyers in refining their search.  The Hylas Yacht Collection helps buyers limit the amount of time that it takes to find the best vessels. When a quality Hylas is listed in the collection, buyers can view her with the confidence and knowledge that she is equal to her listing.

There are many Hylas Yachts for sale at any given time. Because Hylas Yachts are exceptional world cruising vessels it is common to see boats located far from US shores. Prior to booking flights and spending valuable time visiting these boats buyers should consult with the foremost Hylas Yachts experts at Las Olas Yacht Group. Familiarity with every Hylas for sale is a specialty. There are occasional gems that are found outside of the Hylas Yacht Collection and LOYG team members are aware of these as well. When considering Hylas Yachts, starting a search within the collection gives buyers the best knowledge base moving forward.

Each Hylas Yacht that is for sale has the custom features decided upon by her original owner. No two boats are identical and many variations exist in every model. Some of the differences are minor but as a whole each vessel is unique and suits certain tastes. When a Hylas Yacht is listed for sale and put into the Hylas Yacht Collection the differences are highlighted for potential buyers to observe.

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Hylas sailing yachts are known for not only being among the best bluewater cruising sailboats in their class, but for the level of customization the original owners put into their yacht during the build process. These are some of the finest pre-owned Hylas yachts that are currently available on the brokerage market.