About The Hylas Yacht Collection

The Hylas Collection was developed for buyers and sellers of these exceptional cruising yachts. Buyers can feel confident when purchasing a Hylas Collection member boat that they are not only purchasing a well-crafted vessel but also that they have the support of Collection Yachts, the preeminent firm for buying or selling Hylas yachts. Current owners interested in selling their Hylas have confidence that the most experienced and successful team will handle the sale of their boat. Each Hylas Collection member vessel has undergone professional inspection and many have complete and independent surveys, which are available to serious buyers. Collection Yachts works closely with current owners who are considering selling to make sure every member yacht of the collection is in top condition for her age, price point, and past usage. Those interested in viewing the best yachts built by this exceptional builder can use the yachts presented in The Hylas Collection as a benchmark.

Sellers considering a yacht brokerage should rely on Collection Yachts to position their boat for maximum exposure. Every yacht in our collection receives the most thorough and well-defined listing system ever developed for a brand. Collection Yachts works with owners on marketing and listing details to highlight every feature, enabling buyers to appreciate the details of individual vessels. Every yacht is treated as a unique vessel because each Hylas is built for different individuals on a semi-custom basis. Collection Yachts utilizes progressive marketing systems allowing each boat to be examined and appreciated by qualified buyers.

The Hylas Collection is the only platform ever developed that works for sellers and buyers. Providing more information on a platform that highlights the unique characteristics of the boats assists buyers by providing knowledge. The Hylas Collection is the best platform available for sellers. The marketing of the Hylas Collection combined with our experienced and knowledgeable team has proven year after year to be the most successful way to sell a Hylas yacht. Prior to the Hylas Collection these well-founded yachts have never received such complete representation. The Hylas Collection continues to feature the highest quality Hylas yachts available.


Hylas yachts are built by Queen Long Marine in Taiwan. The yard is family owned and operated with the third generation now working to build more of these semi-custom yachts. Hylas yachts have been one of the preeminent brands in the United States for decades and continue to build some of the world’s best cruising sailboats. Each vessel that Queen Long builds is distinct and features the original owners personal touch. Being able to truly craft each customers dream yacht, a vessel that meets their needs and expectations, has kept Hylas yachts at the top of the list for American buyers for a generation. These attributes coupled with extremely strong hulls and great designs, is why Hylas yachts are seen in harbors across the globe.

Hylas yachts are special and Collection Yachts is proud to be the firm with the most success selling them over the past decade. Few builders in the world today allow owners the freedom to customize the interior or develop upgrades to their own liking. Anything from the type of rig, choice of sole material, to which generator is preferred, are all options Hylas is willing to let owners decide upon. Because of these customizations and personal touches, the relationship that Collection Yachts has fostered with the builder is even more valuable to buyers and sellers.

Hylas sailboats are offered in six different sizes and range greatly in price both on the pre-owned market and new. The myriad of options from hull choice to the color of canvas is unsurpassed by other comparable builders. Each buyer has a perfect boat in their mind and with proper guidance that boat can become a reality. Today’s model choices include the tried and tested Hylas 49, which is the only Sparkman and Stephens hull design that Hylas builds. The Hylas 48, which was designed by Bill Dixon. The new Hylas 57 is also a Dixon design and is expected to be a fantastic sailing boat when she is launched. The new Hylas 60, the tested Hylas 63, and the Hylas 70 are all designed by Frers. The Hylas 60 is expected to launch in 2019 and like the 57 she should have a significant impact on the US market. Queen Long is also now building a powerboat designed by Salthouse Marine.

Previous Hylas models include the world renowned Hylas 54 and Hylas 46. These two boats along with the Hylas 49 were the cornerstone that made the company so admired. The Hylas 56, which replaced the Hylas 54, is no longer being built by Hylas but was also a very popular design. Queen Long also built the Hylas 44, 45.5, 51, 66 and the Stevens 47. Each of these models enjoyed success and many of them are still sailing.

Collection Yachts has worked closely with Queen Long Marine to position brokerage Hylas yachts for sale. This relationship gives owners of Hylas yachts a reliable company to sell their vessels and gain an understanding of the builder. Each team member that works with the Hylas Collection has intimate knowledge of every Hylas model and can assist sellers or new buyers with ease. The vast knowledge that Collection Yachts has of the builder, history, and current and past models creates an environment for people with interest in these quality yachts to learn which boat will best work for them.