Hylas Collection
Hylas 56


The Hylas 56 was designed and built to replace one of the best cruising yachts ever built, the Hylas 54. Replacing a well respected model is always an incredible challenge for builders and designers. To build a boat that would be a little better in many ways but not sacrifice any of the exemplar characteristics that made the Hylas 54 so well loved was nearly an impossible task. However, the combined efforts of Hylas, the Frers design team, as well as Hylas yacht owners managed to create just such a boat.


2015 Hylas 56

Built for experienced sailors who expect quality craftsmanship and excellent performance, Odette will always exceed exceptions.

Epic Journey

Hylas 56

Epic Journey is a joy to behold and even more inviting to sail. What make this Hylas 56 even more appealing is the high level of care lavished upon her by her first two owners.


2015 Hylas 56

Aquaticus is undoubtedly the most highly specified Hylas 56 created. A fast boat that is beautiful to look at and functional in every way possible. One of a kind and a true sailing yacht, Aquaticus stands out amongst other boats in her class.


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