When considering a brokerage to sell your Hylas Yacht, the top choice is clear. The Hylas Yacht Collection by Collection Yachts gives owners not only expertise regarding the market, unmatched knowledge of Hylas Yachts but also the most extensive yacht marketing available. The Hylas Yacht Collection presents owners’ boats in a way that no brokerage firm has ever cared to do. Each vessel is presented with her best traits on display. The Hylas Yacht Collection shows each boat as a semi custom vessel just as they were built. These boats are so specialized that to do them justice, more than a simple MLS listing or a thumbnail in the back of a magazine, must be used to display each yacht.

Hylas Yacht Collection member vessels are each held to a certain standard. Every vessel has a complete and independent survey prior to being actively listed for sale. Survey recommendations are followed as closely to prepare the yacht for buyers. Collection Yachts uses only professional quality photographs for member yachts. Each yacht in the Hylas Yacht Collection has a distinct and personalized website. Pricing for the yachts is based on condition, usage and the current sales market. An experienced yacht broker will inspect each vessel no matter the location prior to offering her for sale.

We look forward to advancing the Hylas brand and working with sellers of these exceptional vessels. The Hylas Yacht Collection is a step towards the future in yacht sales and every owner is encouraged to contact us regarding listing their vessel. Hylas Yachts needed an outlet dedicated to the brand and the Hylas Yacht Collection is the answer. This collection allows owners to rest assured their boat will presented to buyers in the best possible light.